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Chapter Members
Full Name Company Branch Joined Date
Mr. David Mumford, PE City of Billings 9/24/1993
Mr. Steve Schulte City of Moscow 2/3/2015
Mr. Chris Hertz, PE City of Billings 9/8/1998
Mr. Roy O. Mathis, PE Concrete Stabilization Tech Inc 12/22/2011
Mr. William Melvin City of Post Falls 4/11/2000
Mr. Brian Hensel City of Missoula 2/25/2002
Mr. Rowdi Evans Bannock County 10/23/2001
Mr. Pat Brook City of Missoula Wastewater 7/25/2008
Mr. Larry L. Ruhd City of Bozeman 10/29/2004
Mr. Jim Pardy City of Boise 10/13/2005
Mr. Tyler Westrope City of Billings 4/18/2006
Mr. Robert Bohling City of Twin Falls 4/2/2007
Mr. Brian Heaston, PE City of Bozeman 9/17/2007
Ms. Jill M. Miller, MBA City of Bozeman 6/19/2008
Ms. Kelly Matlock City of Torrington 10/18/2007
Mr. Edward W. Barrett City of Hamilton 11/19/2007
Mr. Wade L. Johnson City of Bozeman 12/20/2007
Mr. Jason McConnell EJ USA 4/1/2008
Mr. Kyle A. Radek Meridian Public Works 7/23/2008
Mr. Tyler Palmer City of Moscow 8/11/2009
Mr. Mark G. Westenskow, M Eng, PE City of Green River 12/28/2009
Mr. Travis Drevecky City of Great Falls 9/27/2010
Mr. Nathan T. Stewart City of McCall 11/7/2016
Mr. Gary R. Funkhouser, (retired) 10/1/1978
Mr. Joshua Baird, PE City of Twin Falls 4/10/2018
Mr. Tom Troxel City of Torrington 8/30/2011
Mr. Albert T. Kersich, PC 12/1/1968
Mr. Brian Kerr City of Meridian 8/24/1994
Mr. Jay A. Barranger City of Whitefish 10/15/2018
Mr. Kurt W. Thomson, PE Stahly Engineering & Associates 2/17/1999
Mr. Phillip A. Odegard, PE TD&H Engineering 11/7/2014
Mr. Brad R. Watson J-U-B Engineers Inc 11/13/2012
Mr. Earl C. Reynolds, Jr 5/1/1968
Mr. Robert Palus City of Post Falls 12/11/2001
Mr. Steve Klotz City of Belgrade 4/16/2014
Mr. Chris Fredericksen City of Idaho Falls 9/17/2002
Mr. Travis Harris, PE City of Billings 4/19/2004
Ms. Vicki Nemecek City of Cheyenne 2/17/2005
Mr. Kenny Jorgenson City of Great Falls 10/24/2005
Mr. Kent J. Fugal City of Idaho Falls 11/3/2011
Mr. Chad E. Hanson, PE Great West Engineering 1/28/2009
Mr. Jack B. Rice City of Glendive 10/16/2006
Mr. Andrew Beamer City of Casper 9/11/2007
Mr. Mike Sheppard City of Boise 10/22/2008
Mr. David Lee Knoepke, PE City of Helena Montana 2/5/2009
Mr. Dennis M. Falconer, CPFP City of Boise Fleet Services 3/13/2009
Mr. Patrick Purdy Precision Pumping Systems 4/27/2009
Ms. Heather Buchanan City of Boise 5/13/2009
Mr. Lane Thompson, P.E. City of Sheridan 8/9/2019
Mr. Heath J. Overfield Engineering Associates 4/23/2010
Mr. Andrew J. Kimmel, PE Great West Engineering 2/27/2014
Mr. Dennis M. Teller City of Meridian 2/10/2011
Mr. James P. Spielman MRL Equipment Company Inc. 6/3/2011
Mr. Tracy Ahrens J-U-B Engineers Inc 11/13/1996
Mr. Steven Peterson City of Gillette 9/13/2002
Mr. Robert Bousfield City of Boise 9/29/1998
Mr. William Benko City of Boise 6/21/2012
Mr. William C. Stanger City of Idaho Falls 9/1/1972
Mr. Gary L. Young City of Twin Falls 5/1/1976
Mr. James L. Rearden City of Great Falls 11/20/1986
Jonathan L. Gass WGM Group 12/11/2001
Mr. Dennis James Grant City of Coeur D'alene 5/8/2017
Mr. Richard D. Johnson City of Great Falls 11/11/2002
Mr. Mike Judge City of Great Falls 2/28/2003
Dr. Khaled Ksaibati Federal Highway Administration-LTAP 9/15/2003
Mr. Jeremy Keene City of Missoula 3/14/2019
Mr. Chris Davies City of Lewiston 7/28/2005
Mr. David Nelson City of Idaho Falls 9/8/2004
Mr. Will Robbins City of Billings 3/28/2005
Mr. Vance Henry HW Lochner 8/2/2005
Ms. Debi Meling, PE City of Billings 4/18/2006
Mr. Ryan J. Salisbury, PE WGM Group Inc 6/28/2007
Mr. Sam Berta City of Cheyenne 2/13/2008
Mr. Jon M. Caton City of Twin Falls 6/18/2008
Mr. Clint G. Dolsby City of Meridian 7/23/2008
Mr. David Aune Great West Engineering 10/29/2008
Mr. Kyle J. Thomas, P.E. City of Bend 1/24/2019
Mr. Scott R. Baxter, PE City of Casper 9/17/2009
Mr. David R. Schiess, PE, Ed D 12/18/2015
Mr. Rodger Wm Lewerenz 4/1/1977
Mr. Carl J. Anderson Morrison Maierle Inc 2/26/1997
Mr. Brett Grayson Bannock County 7/30/1998
Mr. William Kemp City of Billings 12/27/1999
Mr. Michael Jaglowski Bannock County 11/5/2019
Mr. Merril Quayle City of Pocatello 5/3/2000
Mr. William J. Ancell City of Boise 2/1/1972
Mr. John VanDelinder, CPFP City of Bozeman 1/16/2003
Mr. Ryan Leland, PE City of Helena 10/19/2004
Mr. Ty Simpson City of Bozeman 10/19/2006
Ms. Chandra Witt City of Idaho Falls 9/8/2005
Mr. Matt Heckel City of Bozeman 9/27/2019
Mr. Craig Croner, CPFP City of Boise 1/9/2007
Mr. Kevin J. Slovarp City of Missoula 2/20/2007
Ms. Cynthia Mae Langston City of Casper 9/11/2007
Mr. Mark Bellon Territorial-Landworks Inc 2/13/2015
Ms. Marcia Schmelzer City of Boise 5/13/2009
Mr. John Bach Interstate Engineering Inc. 8/31/2009
Mr. Cal Van Zee City of Laramie WY 5/13/2010
Mr. Kyle Jacob Butterfield City of Riverton 12/15/2010
Mr. Johnny W. Ziem City of Jackson 9/14/2011
Mr. Floyd H. Day Star Sewer & Water District 11/22/2011
Mr. Bret J. Reed, PE Engineering Associates 1/30/2012
Mr. Lee Glaesemann City of Twin Falls 4/19/2012
Mr. Daniel Badger City of Nampa 7/11/2012
Mr. Matthew W. Wheeler City of Laurel 7/30/2013
Mr. Josh Watson City of Bozeman 10/7/2016
Mr. Chet Jackman City of Sand Point 3/25/2019
Mr. Shawn Henderson City of Sandpoint 3/25/2019
Ms. Susie L. Turner City of Kalispell 5/18/2011
Ms. Jill Tolman City of Lewiston 11/25/2019
Mr. Russell Leahy David Evans and Associates Inc 2/17/2012
Mr. Troy Vitek City of Twin Falls 4/19/2012
Mr. Dean Littler City of Twin Falls 4/19/2012
Mrs. Tami Iasonides City of Pocatello 6/10/2013
Mr. Jon R. Gunnerson, PE City of Boise 5/17/2013
Ms. Elizabeth J. Kuntz City of Gillette 3/21/2014
Mr. Dale E. Bolthouse City of Meridian 5/8/2014
Ms. Laila Kral Federal Highway Administration-LTAP 5/8/2014
Mr. Matt Workman City of Bozeman 12/11/2014
Mr. James Mulcahy City of Post Falls 1/26/2015
Mr. Dustin L. Whited Bingham County 5/15/2015
Ms. Laurelei McVey City of Meridian 10/12/2015
Mr. Louis Engels City of Billings 3/15/2016
Mr. Donald Sweatt City of Billings 6/15/2016
Mr. Ronald Palmer, II City of Billings 6/15/2016
Mr. Matt Theiriault City of Cheyenne 4/15/2016
Ms. Haley R. Falconer City of Boise 9/22/2016
Mr. Brian Cardon City of Idaho Falls 11/14/2016
Mr. Alex Freitag City of Meridian 1/20/2017
Mr. Kiel J. Burmester Bannock County 3/10/2017
Mr. John F. Harbarger City of Douglas 8/1/2017
Mr. Sam L. Jewison City of Jackson 9/14/2011
Mr. Scott B. Bontrager City of Moscow 9/20/2011
Mr. Jonathan Gonitzke MRL Equipment Company Inc 4/26/2012
Mr. Sawley V. Wilde City of Gillette 2/20/2013
Mr. Dan Horner Cimline Pavement Maintenance Group 5/13/2013
Mrs. Robyn L. Mattison, PE City of Boise 11/21/2019
Mr. Kurt A. Markegard City of Laurel 7/30/2013
Mr. Scott M. Gray City of Miles City 10/4/2013
Mr. Tom Kirkman City of Pocatello 8/1/2014
Mr. Scott Duffin Horrocks Engineers 11/26/2014
Mr. Troy Tyrrell City of Gillette 3/16/2015
Mr. Tyson Carpenter, PE City of Jerome 4/24/2019
Mr. Joseph L. Schrader City of Kalispell 6/15/2015
Mr. Robert Buvel, PE City of Moscow 2/19/2020
Ms. Wendy Clements City of Gillette 3/3/2016
Mr. Braydan DuRee, PE GeoEngineers, Inc 4/27/2016
Mr. Clint Conner City of Casper 8/2/2017
Mr. Tyson J. Lesmeister City of Helena 10/5/2017
Mr. Austin Suing City of Pocatello 1/31/2018
Mrs. Amy M. Allen City of Cheyenne 5/21/2018
Donald J. Walker, CAFM, CPFP Ada County Sheriff's Office 6/21/2018
Mrs. Krista Johnston City of Casper 8/3/2018
Mrs. Jenny Emmenegger City of Whitefish 10/15/2018
Mr. Shawn Kohtz City of Bozeman 11/1/2018
Mr. Will Papallo City of Bozeman 11/1/2018
Mrs. Danielle Gross City of Rawlins 3/25/2019
Mr. Clint S. Worthington City of Meridian 7/7/2009
Mr. Warren Stewart City of Meridian 7/7/2009
Mr. Ken Ard, PE City of Billings 3/5/2010
Mr. Justin Armstrong City of Pocatello 11/19/2010
Mr. Steve Hubble City of Boise 9/28/2016
Mr. James Bruce Young City of Great Falls 11/28/1989
Mr. Brooks Webb City of Laramie WY 3/7/2012
Mr. Jim M. Hart Cargill Deicing Technology 4/11/2012
Mr. Owen Campion City of Pocatello 6/11/2012
Mr. Anthony Perreira City of Boise 6/21/2012
Mr. Alex D. Sveda City of Casper 9/26/2012
Mr. Shane AL Johnson City of Laramie WY 3/12/2013
Mr. Cris Malvich City of McCall 12/18/2012
Mr. Keith Blewett City of Bozeman 10/7/2016
Mr. D. Keith Haskins City of Kalispell 5/6/2013
Mr. Jamie R. Clark, PE City of Helena 5/13/2013
Mrs. Hannah Sanger City of Pocatello 6/10/2013
Ms. Stephanie Beckert, PE Great West Engineering 10/31/2013
Mr. Shad Rogers City of Casper 7/25/2014
Mr. Pete Leath City of Glendive 9/24/2014
Mr. Wayne Lovelis City of Great Falls 9/29/2014
Mr. Doug Adams City of Nampa Idaho 11/10/2014
Mr. Murray L. Jones, CPII City of Meridian 2/13/2018
Mr. Jordan Rechenmacher City of Idaho Falls 10/14/2015
Mr. Doug Alm City of Great Falls 11/9/2015
Mr. Joe Schoen, PE City of Gillette 2/14/2020
Mrs. Utana Dye, GISP City of Cody 9/29/2017
Mr. Nathan Besich City of Great Falls 10/24/2017
Mr. Troy D. Lenhart Bingham County 11/13/2017
Mr. Travis J. Kissire City of Meridian 2/13/2018
Mr. Art DaRosa City of Pocatello 3/19/2018
Mr. Doug Gonzales City of Twin Falls 4/10/2018
Mr. Luke LaLiberty KLJ 4/18/2018
John K. Matthews City of Mountain Home 2/19/2019
Tom Points City of Nampa 10/23/2018
Mr. David A. Heaton, CPII City of Meridian 2/3/2020
Mr. Mike Picerno, Picerno City of Rawlins 11/19/2019
Mrs. Floren Poliseo, P.E., ENV-SP City of Jackson 3/7/2019
Mr. Kevin Johnson DOWL 3/20/2019
Mr. Mattew Ulberg Montana State University 5/22/2019
Mr. Matt Cororan, PE KLJ 6/18/2019
Hanns Mercer City of Sheridan 8/9/2019
Mr. Stephen F. PEFreiburger Paragon Consulting 8/16/2019
Mrs. Mandi Everett Paragon Consulting 8/16/2019
Mary Louise Hendrickson Broadwater County 10/2/2019
Mr. Mark Young City of Helena 10/9/2019
Mr. Peter McCullouogh City of Boise 11/21/2019
Ms. Kate Harris City of Boise 11/21/2019
Austin Long Highlands Ranch Metro District 1/8/2020
Mr. Nick McDowell NV5 2/18/2020
Mr. Robert Beckman NV5 2/18/2020
Mr. Mark Holtzen City of Twin Falls 3/31/2020
Mr. Kevin Harrington City of Helena 5/21/2020
Mr. Jeffrey L. Mansfield City of Pocatello 5/27/2014
Mr. Kenneth Hodgen Short Elliott Hendrickson Inc 4/17/2018
Mr. Jesse Patton City of Great Falls 9/29/2014
Mr. Lowell J. Cutshaw, PE Interstate Engineering Inc 12/18/2014
Mr. Brad B. Standley, CPII City of Meridian 2/13/2018
Mr. Steve L. Burgos City of Boise 10/1/2015
Mr. Paul Skubinna City of Great Falls 11/2/2015
Ms. Lori A. Hart City of Missoula 2/5/2016
Mr. Skyler Allen City of Pocatello 3/4/2016
Mr. Alex Bullen Town of Superior 2/27/2018
Ms. Mikaela Schultz City of Great Falls 10/3/2016
Mr. Donald R. Ramer City of Hamilton 11/21/2016
Mr. Carl C. Jackson KLJ 5/9/2017
Mr. Patrick J. Cotten, CPII City of Meridian 2/13/2018
Mrs. Maggie L. Clark City of Pocatello 1/25/2018
Mr. Dan Richardson KLJ 4/18/2018
Mr. Lloyd Kent Brown, PE 12/13/1990
Mr. Daniel Bowman City of Jerome 5/30/2018
Mr. Chris D. Canfield City of Idaho Falls 10/18/2018
Phillip M. Bowman, P.E. City of Cody 3/18/2019
Mr. Jeremy Salle DOWL 3/20/2019
Ms. Malea Brown City of Laramie WY 4/11/2019
Mr. Obed Slingerland, Jr City of Laramie WY 4/11/2019
Mr. Anissa Gerord City of Cheyenne 4/12/2019
Mr. Nathan Rager City of Sheridan 8/9/2019
Mr. Kyle Standing City of Boise 11/21/2019
Mr. George W. Barnes 5/29/1985
Mr. Evan Timar City of Moscow 2/19/2020
Mr. Dennis R. Holten Town of Columbus 6/1/1992
Mr. Tyson Koester Bannock County 1/28/2019
Ernie Sainz Town of Star Valley Ranch 1/30/2019
John Beacham City of Post Falls 3/4/2019
Mr. John Ryan City of Jackson 3/5/2019
Mrs. Rachelle Rhodes City of Jackson 3/5/2019
Mr. Brian T. Lenz City of Jackson 3/7/2019
Mr. Troy Monroe City of Missoula 3/14/2019
Mr. Dennis Bowman City of Missoula 3/14/2019
Mr. Jerry Lamb City of Cheyenne 4/12/2019
Mrs. Molly Bennett City of Cheyenne 4/12/2019
Mr. Nathan Suhr City of Moscow 2/19/2020
Mr. William Gonzales City of Cheyenne 6/19/2019
Mr. Taylor Lonsdale City of Bozeman 10/21/2019
Mrs. Bobette Beesley Bannock County 11/22/2019
Ms. Cathy Schoenfeld City of Boise 11/21/2019
Mr. Dean Stacey City of Meridian 2/3/2020
Mr. Darrin Pearce City of Helena 5/21/2020
Ms. Theresa A. Gunn Morrison-Maierle Inc 1/29/2015
Mr. Bruce Martin City of Casper - CPU Div. 7/29/2016
Mr. Ethan Yonker City of Casper - Engineering Dept. 7/29/2016
Mr. Russell Brewer City of Great Falls 10/3/2016
Mr. Alan Muir City of Idaho Falls 11/14/2016
Mr. Tom Tabler City of Kalispell 5/2/2017
Jay Mazalewski City of Driggs 3/14/2018
Mr. Jason C. Mercer Morrison-Maierle Inc 1/24/2018
Mr. Brian Ahrens City of Jerome 5/30/2018
Mr. Mike Hensley City of Jerome 5/30/2018
Mr. Brian Schroeder City of Casper 8/3/2018
Mr. Matt Culpo City of Helena 12/7/2018
Mrs. Ariel Phipps City of Rawlins 3/25/2019
Mr. Ry Muzzarelli City of Gillette 1/29/2019
Mr. Michael Parker City of Moscow 1/31/2019
Brian J. Staley Adams County 2/8/2019
Mr. Gene Connell City of Missoula 3/14/2019
Mr. Eric S. Jaap City of Laramie WY 4/11/2019
Mr. Wesley D. Bay City of Cheyenne 4/12/2019
Mr. William Flanagan IsiWEST 4/24/2019
Mr. Ryan Welsh, PE KLJ 6/18/2019
Mr. Randy Hickman City of Cheyenne 6/19/2019
Ryan Freeman City of Longmont 8/19/2019
Mr. Mitch Reister City of Bozeman 9/27/2019
Mr. Chris Reedy City of Boise 11/21/2019
Chase Eaton Triple Tree Engineering 2/13/2020
Mr. James Spalsbury City of Post Falls 2/28/2020
Robert Hughes Kompel, Local Government City of Glasgow Public Works Dept. 4/15/2020
Mr. Harlan Erskine City of Helena 5/21/2020

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